Maliabeth Johnson Jewelry for Hurricane Aid

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Auction starts: October 19, 2017 1:40 am

Auction ends: October 19, 2017 1:40 am


Bid on super starlet Maliabeth Johnson’s handmade jewelry to support Hurricane Disaster Relief! She is the actress best known as Miriam Gergich on the hit sitcom Parks & Recreation… but outside of the studio Maliabeth incorporates both beauty and nature to craft her handmade masterpieces! Maliabeth will put together a hand-picked batch of 4 jewelry items from her exclusive collection. The “wave ring” featured in Maliabeth’s collection as one of her signature pieces and is guaranteed to be part of the items chosen for this special winner!

More about the items included in this hand-picked bundle:

♥ Each ring will vary slightly because they are made by hand with aloha.

• 14k gold fill and will never lose color
• Very comfortable
• Textured beautifully to capture the light
• Comes in muslin bag for you to keep your MB jewelry and small box for gift giving.

Gold filled jewelry is made from solid gold then filled with other alloys. For example, rhodium (a member of the platinum family), and sterling silver. Gold filled wears, looks and lasts like solid gold because its outer surface IS solid gold.

Caring for Gold Filled items is as easy as caring for any gold jewelry. Simply keep away from chemicals, clean regularly with mildly sudsy water, rinse well and pat dry with a non-scratching cloth. Polish gently with a jewelry polishing cloth.

♥ International orders are subject to 3-5 days of additional processing time. Also, some international destinations require VAT tax.


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